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Proceeds from this event supported the Todd Confessore Celebration of Life Initiative, powered by The Wurd!;

which provides financial support to T-Boy’s touring brothers and sisters in need. 

The Wurd! was one of the driving forces behind a benefit that was held in Long Island, NY on May 29, 2019 in memory of Todd Confessore, a music industry professional who passed away suddenly earlier that year, on Long Island.  

Funds from the event were used to support the Todd Confessore Celebration of Life Initiative. Todd dedicated his life to bringing the joy, hope and inspiration of music to others. 

Through this special event, The Wurd! seeks to honor Todd’s legacy and elevate others through his spirit.


We at The Wurd! felt so thankful that we decided to incite positive social change with a campaign to feed 4000 people on Thanksgiving through the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. 

Our goal was to raise $1000, feeding 4000 people and we exceeded our goal, thanks to everyone in the community!!

These donations helped spread love during the holiday season, one person at a time. 

100% of net donations went directly to this initiative. 



Charles Porter Initiative;

Time to help a friend in need. 

The first fundraising initiative The Wurd! created was with the goal of raising $1500 to help provide one year of specialized eastern medicine potions/herbs and a fantastic doctor, to go in conjunction with his western medicine and chemotherapy.

We smashed our goal and raised $3200 and provided over two years of specialized treatment. 


Thank you for supporting The Wurd!


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